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Home / Athletic Resume Athletic Resume Khiry Williams #12
Combo Guard (Point Guard/Shooting Guard)
Contact Information

Address: 11248 Sunburst St,
Lakeview Terrace, Ca.
Phone: 818 554-8836 or
818 890-3936
Taft High School
Woodland Hills, CA
Coach’s DVD Version upon Request

Grade: Senior
Height: 5-10
Weight: 165
GPA: 3.0
Points-Per-Game: 11.2
Assist-Per-Game: 4.0
Steals: 2.3
Rebounds: 2.0
Khiry is a very talented guard with the ball handling and basketball IQ to play the point and the scoring ability of a shooting guard.

He is a very good left-handed shooter who has a knack for getting to the basket. Khiry is a lock-down defender who often draws the opposition’s toughest guard.

Khiry plays much taller than his height suggests. His speed and quickness allows him to break down players trying to guard him and his excellent shooting and passing ability creates match-up problems for those trying to guard him.

Khiry is very fundamentally sound. He is a natural leader who is great in the locker room and on the floor.

Khiry is a team captain on one of the top teams in California which boasts an all senior starting line-up. All of them have received significant attention from many college Division 1 programs.
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