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Welcome to Statistics A! This is the first semester of a year-long course on statistics and probability. In this course, you will learn how to make assumptions about an entire population based on a sample. This includes taking sample data and analyzing it using equations and graphs. Next semester will follow with probability.

As you work your way through the course, be sure to pay attention to announcements and respond to discussions. Notice the "What's New" section below that will keep track of changes for you Pre-Requisites:

Algebra 1 and Geometry

Statistics B

This course will extend what you already know from Statistics A to include probability. Probabilities are used in our daily lives and affect our decisions. For example, if there's a 90% chance of rain, I'll consider taking my umbrella to work. If I'm playing poker have 2 pair, I will want to consider the probability of my opponents having a better hand before placing a bet. When making travel plans, I may want to include the probability of accidents on a plane vs in a car in addition to considering cost and time.

This semester-long course will teach you how to calculate basic probabilities and how those are used in statistics.


Algebra 1, Geometry, and Statistics A

All courses are written to California Department of Education standards and to national standards, as applicable.

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